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Is face to face engagement dead?

  Our Research Consultant, Marc Sowik, looks at how tech should – and should not be – used to listen to your people.   You’ll probably have been invited to the pub by your colleagues via a WhatsApp group: ‘Drinks on Friday!’? The people you sit next to every day: and you wonder why they […]

What can engagement people learn from Smart Cities?

  I was recently reading an article about Smart Cities; specifically Barcelona, and was struck by some parallels to the type of work we do. I thought I’d share them with you in this week’s newsletter because I like to take inspiration from the outside world and the intersection of society and technology. Back to […]

Engagement: Shopping around for the best deal

  Good retail staff have a special set of skills… Collecting hire cars is one of the most frustrating things I’ll ever do as a consumer. Navigate the booby trapped T&Cs, deduce which office my weird budget subsidiary belongs too – then stand and queue whilst a ‘ClubCar’ (or whatever it is) member jumps in […]

The curious death of an entire industry

  When we started Employee Research five years ago, it was with a desire to do something better than the big agencies had been doing. I’d been working at Unilever, running the employee survey and they would come in and do a beauty parade to try to get shortlisted for that lucrative project. Those Victoria, […]



How to benchmark in the 21st century. (Don’t).

    When you work in an industry it’s easy to accept the common practices as necessary – everyone does it so it must be worth it, right? But when you really think about something (and know how it actually works) there are times when questioning the status quo can be helpful.   The employee […]

Sustainable engagement – more than just a people plan…

  Marc Sowik, our Research Consultant, tells us about his experiences going back to university, and where the worlds of Sustainable Development and employee engagement meet. Recently I’ve been learning about corporate ‘greenwashing’ – and before this sounds too serious, take a look at this advert from the 80s to see one of the earliest […]