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Working 9 to 5, not the way to make a living?

Our new Research Executive, Lynsey Jackson, with news from the frontline of the gig economy… In a world where Instagram modelling is actually a profession, people quit careers to play Pokemon Go and selling your unused knick-knacks on auction websites can make you a small fortune, it’s clear to see that working 9am till 5pm […]

Employee Research on the wireless

Peter Wilde, MD at Employee Research is interviewed by Jo Dodds from Engage For Success on the timely and provocative topic of ‘The Death of the Annual Engagement Survey’. You can listen to the show here.

Searching for meaning – why Millennials are losing interest in 9 to 5 careers

Our new Research Consultant, Marc Sowik, interviews millennials and asks how businesses need to adapt to this new demographic. A growing trend “Now I feel like I have a purpose – before I felt no connection between what I was doing and the real outcome. I’m going to find something that has some meaning”. A friend said […]

Is the Annual Engagement Survey Dead? How tech is changing how we listen.

We’re very excited to be speaking at the People Analytics 2016 conference in London next week. Here’s a little about what we’ll be covering… Much like with the annual appraisal, there are clarion calls for wholesale changes in how organisations listen to their people. In the digital world, waiting isn’t an option. With tech-savvy Gen […]

7 tips to create great business interview videos

Steve McNally, our Head of Brand and Communications gives his tips on creating videos with employees. Employee videos are great to use to show potential candidates what it’s like to work for your company. Interviews on camera of your people – describing the company culture, environment, training and development or simply ‘the job’ –  gives a […]

Employee feedback should be more than asking people about their job – it should change the business

Our Head of Reporting and Analytics talks about evolving methodologies around measuring engagement. One of the most exciting things about developing a new product is putting it in clients hands and watching how they use it. When we developed Workometry the original use case was for it to capture and analyse frequent employee feedback in a ‘Pulse’ […]

An Employer Brand – and so much more

Our Head of Brand and Communications defines what an Employer Brand should deliver. An Employment Brand does more than tell your story. It engages with your employees, shapes a positive candidate experience, provides a platform for meaningful metrics – and drives retention as well as recruitment. Being a central thread of your DNA, it should […]

What is employee engagement good for?

Our Head of Reporting and Analytics adds his thoughts on the nuts and bolts of engagement. Greta Roberts, who I have a lot of time for, yesterday published an article called Employee Engagement? It’s Just A Meaningless, “Feel Good” Business Metric. Looking at our data and analysis we disagree. Greta describes Engagement as a middle […]

Focus on First Group

Starting with the Individual: Focus on FirstGroup “You can make quite a difference on an individual level” – is perhaps more often used in a motivational context rather than a reflective one. It was therefore inspiring to hear it come from one of our clients, FirstGroup, and used in reference to our latest collaborative research […]

Engaging Employees The Essentia Way

“Rather than try and change the world, we decided to pick a few tangible things to do and do them really well” – Tracy Cheung, Head of Marketing & Engagement at Essentia This year we partnered with Essentia, part of Guy’s & St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, to design and deliver their 2015 employee & […]