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BBC The Head of Internal Communications at the BBC needed to complement an existing employee survey with some additional questions about internal comms in the corporation. We worked with him to produce a slick, bespoke survey process, allowing for longitudinal measurement of key topics, whilst also giving the BBC the opportunity to ask ‘hot topic’ […]


Pepsi Lipton

Pepsi Lipton from Peter Wilde on Vimeo. A case study in 4 questions… Deep insight for our year zero client Thoughts from Peter Wilde, MD of Employee Research and Chris Williams, Global Head of HR for Pepsi Lipton Who are Pepsi Lipton and how did you come to work together? Peter: Pepsi Lipton is a […]


New Look

[2jslideshow id=”1483″] A case study in 5 questions… How New Look “sparked 1000 conversations” A honed feedback cycle for the retail sector Thoughts from Peter Wilde, MD of Employee Research and Rebecca Marsden, Engagement lead at New Look Retail is often considered a challenging sector to survey. Why? Peter: two reasons. 1) turnover – when […]

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Happy Birthday – A Message from our MD

Today marks the four year anniversary of Employee Research. Without any seed funding and with just the sweat from our collective brow, we’ve built a fantastic little team and a really cool company. We now run engagement programs for some of the biggest and most exciting companies in the world. We’ve had the pleasure of […]

Engagement: Shopping around for the best deal

Our Research Consultant, Marc Sowik, looks at how we can improve employee engagement in the retail sector.   Good retail staff have a special set of skills… Collecting hire cars is one of the most frustrating things I’ll ever do as a consumer. Navigate the booby trapped T&Cs, deduce which office my weird budget subsidiary […]

How long does your supplier make you wait?

Our clients get all of their reports the day a survey closes. Even if there’s hundreds of them. They even contain automatically-themed comment analysis. How long does your supplier make you wait? As discussed in our recent radio show and at People Analytics 2016, there is a desire to move away from running annual surveys to more regular listening. […]