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A case study in 4 questions…

Deep insight for our year zero client

Thoughts from Peter Wilde, MD of Employee Research and Chris Williams, Global Head of HR for Pepsi Lipton

Who are Pepsi Lipton and how did you come to work together?

Peter: Pepsi Lipton is a joint venture between Unilever and PepsiCo, two of the world’s largest organisations. With staff sourced from each company the merge makes for an interesting culture and unique firm.

I worked with them during my time as Head of Employee Insight at Unilever and the relationship continued thereafter.

What stands out about the project?

Peter: In terms of the projects we run, what stands out is that it’s an annual survey! We recognise that changing this cycle isn’t necessarily the best thing to do for all organisations. In low-turnover, office based environments with a slower pace of change and a traditional culture annual surveys can still work well, especially when they well engrained into the fabric of the organisations cycle.

OK, so what benefit do they get from working with Employee Research?

Peter: Even if a survey cycle is yearly, there’s no excuse for the results to take 6 weeks to reach managers and leadership.

Chris: “I have been amazed at how quickly they turned masses of raw data into incredibly focused presentations ready to be shared with our leadership teams”

Peter: Getting the results out to leaders and managers quickly means all the energy put into the launching and participating in the survey can carry through into the action planning stage, rather than it being a separate effort months later.

What has made this relationship work well over the 5 years?

Peter: We provide a lot of consultancy work on this project, helping Pepsi Lipton ensue they’re doing the right things with the survey itself and the results. Myself and a senior colleague work closely with them and have done so for years, meaning they get a personal service and continuity that other large agencies would struggle to provide.

Chris: “Peter and the team at Employee Research have been instrumental in driving deep employee insight in our business for the last five years. The team have been extremely responsive and flexible, providing highly bespoke reports tailored to our specific needs.”

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