Happy Birthday – A Message from our MD

Today marks the four year anniversary of Employee Research. Without any seed funding and with just the sweat from our collective brow, we’ve built a fantastic little team and a really cool company. We now run engagement programs for some of the biggest and most exciting companies in the world. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Boots, New Look, Pepsi Lipton, the NHS, First Group, Orange and Primark amongst others and are now getting insight from upwards of a million people a year.

There have been huge changes in the industry but we’re ahead of the game. We’ve set up a cutting edge design team in Cambridge and the text analytics tool we’ve built is better than anything else out there. (Clients have never seen anything like it and we’ve won every pitch we’ve done since the company started!)

If you’re planning an annual staff survey for the new year, step away from the keyboard. Then call us to discuss how you can do things better. We’re on 020 7060 7116.

Massive thanks for all of your love and support over the past four years


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