How long does your supplier make you wait?

Our clients get all of their reports the day a survey closes. Even if there’s hundreds of them. They even contain automatically-themed comment analysis. How long does your supplier make you wait?

As discussed in our recent radio show and at People Analytics 2016, there is a desire to move away from running annual surveys to more regular listening. You don’t listen to your customers just once a year – why would you do that with your employees?

I’ve headed up employee listening at lots of companies and have always pushed for regular, light touch research. The only constant is change and what’s relevant one month almost certainly won’t be the next. But what often stopped organisations cutting the apron strings of Mother Annual Survey was time. Months for planning, months for delivery and (most heinous of all) months for reporting*.

No software company or research agency (and I’ve seen all of them pitch over the years…) really comes up to par on this. Want instant, entirely bespoke, infographic rich, departmental reporting? With real-time, no-human-required open text theming and analysis? In multiple languages? The same day? Sorry, guv.

Disclaimer: there is one company out there claiming that they can do this but, as their salesman confided in me, “The advertising is five years ahead of the product”, which made me smile because we’re doing it now. All the time. With large international clients. So if you’re stuck doing a survey once a year because you don’t think it can be done quicker than the six months it currently takes you, think again.


Peter Wilde is the Managing Director of Employee Research


* I was trying to think what the longest reporting delay was on a project I’d worked on. I think it was about eight weeks. Eight weeks from a survey closing to getting results. It would be funny if it wasn’t so depressing.

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