Is the Annual Engagement Survey Dead? How tech is changing how we listen.

We’re very excited to be speaking at the People Analytics 2016 conference in London next week. Here’s a little about what we’ll be covering…

Much like with the annual appraisal, there are clarion calls for wholesale changes in how organisations listen to their people.

In the digital world, waiting isn’t an option. With tech-savvy Gen Y now the largest group in the workforce, people are expecting instant feedback on their performance and their opinions. The question is how do you stop ‘instant’ meaning trivial, useless or even damaging?

What’s best for your organisation? Where is the sweet spot between a survey every two years and having to hit a smiley or a frown on your way out of the office? This session will examine the current techniques, where they work (and don’t) and how you can find the perfect balance for your organisation.

The presentation examines this opportunity and discusses three key areas:

  1. How did we get here? A history of tech and listening – from paper surveys to the onset of big data and real-time feedback.
  1. Are the reports of the death of the annual staff survey greatly exaggerated? Is there still a place for them? What do we lose if we scrap them altogether?
  1. How has tech created new opportunities and what are the challenges it has created? Does instant feedback equal useful feedback?

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